Vine Cube is the outcome of a joint venture between two established companies, Web Synergies in Singapore (www.websynergies.biz) and TAH in the UK (www.tah.co.uk). The combination of Web Synergies’ technical expertise with TAH’s business intelligence domain expertise offers wider choices to organisations wishing to extract maximum value from their technology investments and the data within and around their business.

Both companies share common principles and the philosophy that when business is executed well and with just intent, it will benefit those directly involved and the wider community. Through Vine Cube, we have the people, expertise, solutions and over 30 years of history to give you confidence to engage.


Most organisations would list their values here. We prefer to talk about who we are and the principles that guide the way we conduct ourselves. Vine Cube has been built on three founding concepts that provide the parameters for why and how we exist.


What we believe in is important to how we are experienced by those we interact with. We believe in our people, our clients and our partners and the positive impact we can have on each other.


A release from constraint. For our people, this means the opportunity to explore and develop their own potential, needs and talent and for our clients, the ability to exercise choice based on relevant options and desired outcome.


We freely share time, resources, knowledge and individual talents and are open to exploring ways of working differently to the mutual benefit of all involved.


Vine Cube has a team of over 200 people operating across Europe, India and South East Asia, each one dedicated to delivering technical, business intelligence and analytics solutions that make a positive contribution to our clients’ businesses. Our people care and go to great lengths to ensure our clients get a successful outcome that delivers tangible value from the start.

The Vine Cube management team consists of four business professionals who each have many years of hands-on operational experience.


Philip has held CEO roles in a number of companies, namely ThinkSpark UK (software reseller and consulting), Kingdom Management Group (management consulting), Parable Trust (social and entrepreneurial ventures), TAH (business intelligence and data analytics), and shares the leadership on the board of Simple Faith Creative (creative marketing agency) and Blakell Europlacer (global manufacturing business).

In 2005, he co-founded Parable Trust, a not-for-profit initiative whose mission is based on providing the ability to generate new enterprise and secure healthy growth for start-up and existing businesses through the provision of management and capital services. Philip contributes to a number of businesses in a leadership capacity and continues to mentor and advise clients and colleagues alike towards achieving a better, more sustainable future. His recent experience in engagements across many industries includes themes concerning the performance of people, process, governance and technology adoption. Philip speaks and writes papers on industry and management issues, his approach typically bringing a refreshing simplicity to complex situations. His focus is on creating sustainable and equitable organisations who demonstrate corporate responsibility and generosity to the communities in which they serve. Parable Trust is dedicated to this cause.


Gideon is the founder of Web Synergies, a company he started in 1998 after working for several years in the Singapore internet industry, then in its infancy.

Gideon used the skills and experience gained from the early days of his career to initially shape the company into a successful organisation specialising in web design and hosting services. He continued to provide the strategic direction and drive to expand the company, taking it into new areas and delivering new propositions including enterprise ecommerce portals, managed hosting services, bespoke internet applications encompassing learning management systems, content management systems, ERP and CRM, as well as meeting the growing resourcing needs of Web Synergies’ customers. An accomplished business leader with strong personal networks, Gideon has successfully steered the company through rapid growth, spearheading its expansion in Singapore and the creation of a development centre in Hyderabad, India. Past and present clients and business partners that Gideon has worked with include ESPN Star Sports, Cisco, Sony, Microsoft and Crimson Logic.


Prabhu is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Web Synergies Group. Prior to this, he was the Chief Architect at Web Synergies and the COO of Web Synergies India where he streamlined the development centre operations based out of Hyderabad.

Prabhu began his career as an IT Systems Manager and then spent over two years as a Systems Analyst for a major software development company in India. He joined Web Synergies in 1999 as a Senior Software Analyst, participating in the high level design of business and workflow systems, web portals and enterprise intranet applications. During his time in Web Synergies, Prabhu has taken increasingly senior roles and combines his vast IT technical and project management skills with strong team management skills. He oversees the work of the Web Synergies development teams in Singapore and India and has been instrumental in forging and developing successful partnerships with major market players like Microsoft, Sitecore, Epi Server, K2 and Ramco. His portfolio of work includes major developments for highly reputed clients such as Sony, HP, Standard Chartered, RSM Chio Lim Stone Forest, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Prudential Asset Management, Yokogawa and FujiFilm.


Ellen is on the Board of TAH, responsible for the company’s strategy for data warehousing and information management solutions and the development of the consultancy services propositions to support this.

Ellen started her career in the commercial design and development of high value business software, working in a number of different software houses before joining the TAH development team in 1996. During her time in TAH, Ellen has contributed significantly in developing solutions for major clients, managing complex multi-year projects and working across several geographies. She has played a major role in leading the company through several iterations of TAH’s business intelligence strategy and is called upon regularly to present at customer and industry events. She has developed a client advisory forum for TAH, involving a series of business intelligence roundtables from which our clients and prospects work together to identify solutions for current issues faced by most organisations. Ellen has strong communication, analytical and problem solving abilities and continues to develop TAH’s business through the creation of new services and assignments across a number of industries and regions. Key clients that she has worked with include Vodafone, The Advertising Standards Authority, British American Tobacco, Arch Insurance, DeAgostini, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Aon.